Japanese Sweets Shop
in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

Seasonal Japanese sweets made with water from Mt.Fuji.


What's Wagashi?

Wagashi is one of the Japanese traditional sweets,that is served with tea. There are typically made of rice,wheat,red bean pasete,and suger etc. Wagashi haven' t meats and fishies.

I want all the people involved in this store to be happy through our wagashi. With this in mind, we strive hard to make wagashi. We hope you will enjoy our sweets.

Recommended Products

Dango is Japanese sweet dumping made ofrice flour.
Popular sauces of Dango are sweet soy sauce,and red bean paste.
In this store,you can order freshly bake it.
Fuji mizuho dango is our most popular product.
※The expiration date is the same days.
Daifuku(rice cake stuffed with red bean paste)
Daifuku is a sweet rice cake stuffed with a sweet red bean paste.
We make Daifuku every morning.
It is characterized by a soft texture.
※The expiration date is the same days.
Castella(Japanese sponge cake)
Castella is a Japanese sponge cake made of suger,flour,eggs,rice flour,and honey.
It' s a sweet and moist cake.
It is craftsman' s skill to bake castella on flat.
※The expiration date is one month.
Dorayaki(a bean jam pancake)
Dorayaki consists of two small pancake,which made of suger,flour,eggs,and honey,wrapped around a filling of sweet red bean paste,and chestnut.
Nokibafuji has been selected as a brand product of Fujiyoshida City.
※The expiration date is one month.
Monaka is a type of Japanese traditional rice cracker.In this store,Mt.Fuji is drawn on it.
Ice cream has many varieties.For exsample,macha (green-tea),Wasanbon(Japanese traditional suger),etc.
Higashi(Japanese sponge cake)
Higashi is a type of dry Japanese candy.
It made from wasanbon(refined suger made from sugercane in Japan).
There are many kinds along the four seasons.
※The expiration date is three month.
Fuji Yume Wagashi Series (baked sweets in the shape of Mt.Fuji)
Fuji yume wagashi series are baked sweets in the shape of Mt.Fuji.
This product comes in four flavors : corn,chocolate,strawberry,and matcha.
※The expiration date is one month.
Fuji Yume Wagashi Series


Access by car

[from Tokyo]
Chuo expressway ->
Kawaguchiko I.C. -> Tokyoya Seika (Arrive in 6 minutes from IC)

Access by Train

[from Tokyo]
JR Chuo Line -> Otsuki Station -> Fujikyu Railway -> Gekkoji Station -> Tokyoya Seika (Arrive in 8 minutes from Station)

Tokyoya Seika

Japanese Traditional Sweets "Wagashi"
1-5-5 Tatsugaoka, Fujiyoshida City,
Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0014
Opening Hours
Closed on Tuesdays.

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Q & A

How long do wagashi last?
The expiry date varies depending on the product. As a guide, the expiration date is the same day for fresh sweets, one month for baked sweets, and three months for dried sweets.
What products do you recommend?
We recommend the dango, which you can eat freshly baked.Baked and dried confections are recommended as souvenirs.
Which products do not contain anko (red bean paste)?
Products that do not use red bean paste are Fuji Mizuho dango, castella, ice cream, and dried sweets.
Can I eat on the spot? Also, is coffee available?
You can eat on the bench outside. There is no coffee, but you can drink free Japanese tea.
Can you ship internationally?
Cannot be done.